San Juan, La Union – The Department of Tourism – Office of Tourism Standards and Regulation (DOT-SDD) recently conducted the Workshop on the Development of National Surfing Standards for Surfing Camps/Facilities and Surfing Instructors at Awesome Hotel and Convention Center, San Juan La Union last July 4, 2019. The said activity aimed to provide an avenue for our industry partners to present out their comments and views as well as their reactions on the proposed standards. This is also an opportunity for the Department to validate whether the policy being developed is beneficial or detrimental to both the society and the environment.

The said activity was attended by various surf camp owners and surf instructors from San Juan, La Union Surfing Site and Baler. Dir. Martin S. Valera, of DOT Region 1 gave his welcome remarks while Ms. Grace A Marzan, Chief Tourism Operations Officer of the Office of the Tourism Standards and Regulations presented the overview of the Draft Standards for Surfing.

Since there were two (2) categories that were proposed for standardization, the participants were divided into three groups: One group discussed the standards for surfing camps and facilities, the other discussed the standards for surfing instructors and the rest discussed the fees and penalties. Each group has an assigned leader and presenter for the workshop.

The SDD staff led by Ms. Janice Maldonado and Mr. JC Jan Cueto consolidated all the comments and suggestions brought up during the workshop and thereon to be adopted in the revised draft National Standards for Surfing.

The said activity is a preparation for the First National Surfing Summit Tentatively scheduled on September 18-19, 2019. One the the key components of the summit is to present the final draft of the National Surfing Standards formulated by the DOT-SDD

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