CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, LA UNION – 185 and counting. More and more stranded tourists in the region are able to go home and leave the region despite the continuous implementation of the Luzon-wide Enhanced Community Quarantine.

With DOT’s Online Tourist Assistance Help Desk (, more of our stranded foreign and domestic tourists are able to avail of the agency’s free assistance.

“Honestly it was superb when I contact 2 weeks ago regarding transportation to Manila for a flight that ended up canceled. I can’t say anything better about the Department of Tourism and Region 1. Both absolutely wonderful.” Mr Ben Alexander, a Canadian Citizen

On the other hand, Ms. Leilani Ilyne, an American, says that :

“Our outmost gratitude to the Department of Tourism. This primary arm of the Philippine government not only encourages, promotes, and develop tourism as a major socio-economic endeavor but also ensures the safety and well-being of foreigners and other international travelers. Mabuhay po ang DOT. Now, I say this kind of magnanimity is truly, “Only in the Philippines!”

As of April 05, 2020, a total of 155 foreigners and 30 Filipinos have been aided by this continuous initiative. 58 foreign tourists, mostly Swiss, were already able to safely fly out from the country, 69 are still currently being assisted by DOT R1 personnel, and 39 of which decided to stay and opted to return home after the ECQ. On the other hand, 13 domestic tourists were able to leave while 7 are still in the region.

Together with the nation’s effort in curbing the growing number of COVID-19 infections, DOT Region 1 is taking precautionary steps by providing Personal Protective Equipment to its frontline staff. The agency also ensures the health and safety of its tourists by constantly disinfecting all service vehicles being provided.

For tourists in Region 1 seeking further assistance, you may reach us through our website (, our Facebook page (, and our contact numbers +639185962408 and +639171564250.

Article By: Bon Pugal

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